Statement of the Artist

In my opinion, the creation of a painting, the writing of a poem and the design/execution/interpretation of a meaningful scientific experiment are among the most satisfying of mental stimuli.  These are stimulating emotional and intellectual experiences. I have a personal relationship with my work; it  enriches my life. And no one other than I can feel the mysterious world of my subconscious; nor can anyone know precisely my immense and intense satisfaction obtained from the creative process—imagining, designing, executing and completing a painting or writing a poem. I do not believe a work of art has to provide a message (social, political, cultural), or evoke a precise meaning. It is up to individuals to decide if the painting/poem connects with them. I do, however, think it is  meaningful and satisfying when a painting or poem incites a pleasurable, powerful and memorable experience.  A painting speaks a language words do not express. When I complete a painting or poem I derive a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment—an identity with my own well-being through artistic  originality, imagery and fusion of thoughts.  If my work reaches others in the same way and provokes grounds for reflection and enjoyment, I consider that to be good and powerful experiences. I am especially influenced by the beauty, order and perfection of nature, the microbial world, and the dynamics of motion in biological life; driven by what I call my intuition of the moment during painting and creative writing. Design, harmony of color, shape, form, mood, and atmosphere are dominant forces in my overall philosophy of aesthetic and artistic thinking.  My paintings are metaphoric, mysterious, and often delve in the realm of symbolism and mysticism.  Undoubtedly, decades of scientific investigation exploring the basic, molecular, and clinical microbiology of atypical bacteria and pleomorhic forms, attempting to better understand microbial - human  cell interactions in health and disease (at the light, phase, and electron microscopic levels) seem indelibly etched on my subconscious, and often contribute to the mystery and intrigue evident in many of my paintings.